Audit & Assurance

Annual Audit

Turn your annual audit spend into a profit centre

Traditionally the annual audit of a company’s annual financial statements has been viewed as a cost centre – a necessary evil imposed by legislation which adds very little or no value to the business and the bottom line. At West-Evans, our aim is to turn the spend on the annual audit into a profit centre. By utilising the most efficient methodologies and utilising the same audit team as far as possible from year to year, our objective is to use the synergies obtained to keep our pricing competitive.

Our audit approach goes beyond just ticking boxes to satisfy regulators. The annual audit is used to gain valuable insight into a company’s true financial affairs. Our robust procedures helps us to identify any potential threats to the assets and the future erosion of earnings, placing the stakeholders in a stronger position to implement controls and procedures which will improve the efficiency of operations,  increase profitability and protect the assets.

The Companies Act, in line with international trends, differentiates between companies needing an audit, those who require an independent review and those which can be complied without audit or review. To find out more about the qualifying criteria for each category and to determine which category your company falls into why not give us a call.

Our focus is primarily on small and medium sized entities. We pride ourselves on delivering audited annual financial statements within tight time constraints.