West-Evans Inc. B-BBEE FAQ


B-BBEE Verification Demystified

Keeping abreast of the changes in the South African economy, we have the necessary skills and knowledge base to advise our clients on their B-BBEE stats and provide guidance on how to improve their current score.

Which scorecard do I need to use – QSE, EME, Generic?

This is dependent on your company’s turnover –

EME (Exempted Micro Enterprise): > R 5 million

QSE (Qualifying Small Enterprise): R 5 million > R 35 million

Generic Company: < R 35 million

What do you need?

An EME company does not need on onsite assessment. An auditor’s letter confirming the turnover as >  R 5 million, the business registration documents and a certified copy of the person whose name appears in the registration document – with these documents in place, we can issue your certificate within 24 hrs.

QSE and Generic Companies will need to undergo an onsite verification assessment. A QSE will be rated on a maximum of 4 out of the 7 elements as per the Codes of Good Practice, whereas a Generic Company will be rated on all 7 elements.

What are the elements as per the Codes of Good Practice?


Management Control

Employment Equity

Skills Development

Preferential Procurement

Enterprise Development

Socio economic development